Hair Bootcamp

Muriel M Hair Bootcamp® exclusively at Point de Vue Salon
We want you…and your hair!

You need to enlist in Muriel M’s Bootcamp for hair if…

  • No matter how hard you try for that perfect blow dry, your hair still looks scary.
  • No matter how you do your up do, it still looks undone.
  • No matter how glam that hair looked when you left the salon, you’re convinced that it will never look that way again!

    Hair opportunities defined!

    Muriel’s Line-up:

    Learn to get that “just out of the salon” look that mimics the work of the pros themselves. This is for the busy modern woman who faces the pressure of today’s high paced world.

    Get fit- Learn how to move your brush, comb and hairdryer to your advantage.

    Work it out-
    Practice your newly found skills on yourself and others.

    Educate yourself-
    Learn how to use products such as shampoo, conditioners, gels, and mousse to get the healthiest hair.

    Get real– Learn how to achieve salon style anywhere, anytime.

    Accept it– Accept what your hair can and can’t do.

    Standard enlistment program: 2 hours – Investment in your future: $200.

    Present arms! Show Muriel your old products and styling tools and she will tell you if you should use it or lose it! Muriel will critique your personal styling products to determine if you’re using the best for your hair.

    Check your hair into Muriel M’s Bootcamp and get your style into shape!

    Come sign-up with Muriel M. at Point de Vue Salon for your very own personalized hair bootcamp. Spend two hours with us learning how to whip your hair into shape for good! Once leaving the camp you will have everything you need to exercise your hair into a beautifully fit condition every day.

    Walk away feeling confident and refreshed with your own personal style.

    Phone: 310.273.1231    Fax: 310.273.8650
    Address: 152 N. Wetherly Drive, West Hollywood, CA 90048

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